Carp Zwolle 2020

Carp Zwolle 2020 | Hammer Tackle

“The heart of Carpfishing” – they say.

Finally 2020 the first time Zwolle was calling! Ever since Hammer Tackle was founded I tried (since Alex joined “we tried”) to get a (positive) answer from the organizer every year, to be honest – we almost desperately tried to get one!

Unfortunately, we were ignored over the last year and our carefully written emails and messages remained unanswered. Like every year, I started my “penetration campaign” already in autumn. Our persistence was finally rewarded!

„Three two seven“ , our magic digits and our very own lucky number for Zwolle 2020.We’ll spare you lengthy explanations about our weekend at this point – for this we had our cameraman Marc with us. You can find some impressions on our Youtube channel. We’ll reveal this much: Booth 327 gave us lots of pleasure on each of the three days.

In addition to an almost infinite variety of gear, the fair in Zwolle naturally also offers the unique opportunity to talk to many experienced anglers. Anglers, who have deeply influenced carp fishing through their view and their approach. We didn’t miss the chance to get seome ideas and thoughts to interesting questions from even more interesting anglers (caution: lowballin’!). We will publish these short interviews on our YouTube channel within the next days. We’re sure that one or two of the answers will make you think about it. Anyway, we wish you good entertainment and lots of fun with the next releases on our channel.

Many thanks again to all our eagerly helping hands (Marc, Tim, Martin), wonderful stand neighbours and of course all visitors and customers of our Hammer Tackle stand. We are sure – Zwolle will see uns again (if we get an answer to our request next year again! 😉)

Your boys from Hammer Tackle,
Daniel & Alex



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