Here you will find your functional, waterproof and high-quality fishing bags. We have bags for different situations and hope you will find a bag that suits you.

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Hammer Dash HT LHammer Dash HT L
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Hammer Dash HT MHammer Dash HT M
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Hammer Dash SHammer Dash S
Hammer Dash S Sale price€14,90
Hammer Dash XSHammer Dash XS
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Hammer Dash HT Camo LHammer Dash HT Camo L
Hammer Dash HT Camo L Sale price€45,90
New features
Hammer Dash HT Camo MHammer Dash HT Camo M
Hammer Dash HT Camo M Sale price€35,90
Hammer Dash Camo SHammer Dash Camo S
Hammer Dash Camo S Sale price€16,90
Hammer Dash Camo XSHammer Dash Camo XS
Hammer Dash Camo XS Sale price€14,90
Hammer Dash HT M LowHammer Dash HT M Low
Hammer Dash HT M Low Sale price€28,90
Hammer Dash HT Camo M LowHammer Dash HT Camo M Low
Hammer Dash HT Camo M Low Sale price€32,90
Hammer Dash LHammer Dash L
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Hammer Dash MHammer Dash M
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Hammer Duffle BagHammer Duffle Bag
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Hammer Bag PackHammer Bag Pack
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Hammer Nizer LHammer Nizer L
Hammer Nizer L Sale price€14,90
Hammer Nizer MHammer Nizer M
Hammer Nizer M Sale price€10,90
Hammer SleeveHammer Sleeve
Hammer Sleeve Sale price€32,90
Hammer Belly BagHammer Belly Bag
Hammer Belly Bag Sale price€15,90
Shoulder strapShoulder strap
Shoulder strap Sale price€3,90

Find the perfect fishing bag that can withstand any weather

This might feel familiar: You are at the bank, busy finding good spots, setting up your tent and laying out your rods. It is already dark and the day seems to be coming to an end. Suddenly the wind ruffles the surface of the water and you hear the first drops of rain on the roof of your tent. Now everything has to happen quickly...

We have developed the bags from Hammer Tackle for exactly such moments. Our fishing bags are waterproof and offer you the certainty that your equipment is protected in all weather conditions.

With a focus on features such as waterproof, rainproof and weatherproof, we have developed bags that literally make every anglers heart beat slower!

In the future, you no longer have to worry about where to put your bag: whether it is mud, a puddle or sandy ground: dirt and moisture cannot harm our bags.

Why you will love waterproof bags from Hammer Tackle

Our rainproof, waterproof and weatherproof fishing bags not only offer protection from unexpected weather changes, but also guarantee that your equipment will always stay dry. Our bags are designed to keep you safe on any adventure and look stylish at the same time. You no longer have to worry about your equipment and all you have to focus on is what being at the bankside is all about: enjoying nature and just fishing.

Discover the Hammer Dash - our top-selling fishing bag

If you are looking for the ultimate protection for your accessories, the Hammer Dash is exactly what you need. Our waterproof Hammer Dashs have become an integral part of the equipment of many, very well-known anglers from all over Europe in recent years. Our bags are very popular not only because of their high functionality and quality - the simple and minimalist design of our bags is also well received by our customers.

Our Hammer Dashs are available in different sizes and colors and offer enough space for everything you need during your session. Your equipment will always stay dry, whether it is raining, splashing water or even if your bag is briefly and accidentally submerged.

Why Hammer Tackle bags are the best choice

At Hammer Tackle we've set our focus on quality, functionality and style. Our waterproof fishing bags are made with high-quality materials that not only repel water but are also durable over time. In addition, our bags offer thoughtful expansion options that make it easy to organize your equipment. You don't want to worry about always having everything neatly stored and within reach? Then our products are right for you!

How to choose the right waterproof fishing bag

Choosing the right fishing bag depends on your personal needs. Think about how much equipment you want to transport and the conditions in which you are fishing. Our product range at offers different sizes and shapes of waterproof fishing bags so that you can find exactly the right one for you. Whether you want to take a short trip to the lake or are planning a fishing trip lasting several weeks, you will find the right bag at Hammer Tackle.

Weatherproof and rainproof: What these terms really mean

Let's take a closer look at these terms. Rainproof and weatherproof offer protection against rain, snow and hail. When the bags are properly closed (with the lid on, closed zipper or rolled down edge of the bag and closed with clips), some of our bags are 100% waterproof against rain and water ingress. But of course our bags aren' made for diving.😉 Nevertheless, your equipment is protected in a wide range of weather conditions. Most of our bags are not affected by the weather. Hammer Tackle guarantees that our fishing bags meet these criteria and will not let you down if the products are used properly.

Tips for caring for your waterproof fishing bag

Proper care is crucial to ensure the longevity of your Hammer Tackle fishing bag. If you use the products in salt water, for example, rinsing with fresh water is advisable. Avoid storing in a car in very hot weather and, if this is the case, ensure that the bag is covered. This will ensure that the black plastic lids do not become deformed. To ensure that the zippers last a long time, it is a good idea to grease them from time to time with vaseline or a little colorless shoe polish. That's all you need to do.

Your next fishing adventure with Hammer Tackle

With a waterproof fishing bag from Hammer Tackle you are well prepared for any weather. Whether you want to protect yourself against sudden rain showers or are simply looking for a reliable and stylish bag for your equipment, you will find what you need with us. Discover our selection now at and get ready for a carefree time on the water without any unpleasant and wet surprises.