Hammer Duffle Bag

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A duffel bag for life! Extremely robust and flexible 100 % rainproof!

A duffle bag that leaves nothing to be desired!

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For everything that can be compressed

In this bag your sleeping bag, pillow and/or jacket, thick sweaters, bedchair cover will stay dry and compact.

For every type of trip

Whether on a motorcycle tour, on the beach, at the gym or hardcore fishing in the mud, the army material and the quality workmanship make the Duffle Bag a bag for life.

100% waterproof sealable

Horizontal and vertical straps

Real 67 litre volume

100 %


0.7 mm

Material thickness

67 L


Play & feel

For guys like me who prefer to spend their time outdoors underwater, the Duffle Bag is the ideal solution. It easily holds all the equipment I need for snorkeling, such as fins, buoys, diving goggles, and wetsuits. The Duffle Bag has a place for everything, including water, which thanks to the bag, no longer finds its way into my car.

Chris Ackermann

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Frequently asked Questions

Technical data




1.07 kg


68 × 46 × 50 cm


67 liters


PVC 1000D

Waterproof duffle bag: your versatile companion for outdoor and travel

Origin of the duffle bag?

The origin of the duffle bag lies in its use by the Belgian army in the 17th century. Back then, the bags were made from canvas and were used by soldiers to store their personal belongings during transportation. The term "duffle" comes from the small Belgian town of Duffel, which was known at the time for its robust fabrics.

What is a duffle bag?

A duffle bag, also known as a "duffel bag", is a (usually) large-volume bag with a cylindrical shape and a wide opening at the top. Originally developed for military purposes, the duffle bag is now used for a variety of activities, including travel, sports or even how we use the duffle bag: For use when fishing and therefore "outdoors".

What do I use a duffle bag for?

A duffle bag can be used in many different ways and is suitable not only for fishing but also for traveling or other outdoor activities. Thanks to the spacious interior, the duffle bag offers enough space for clothes, a sleeping bag, a pillow or even a blanket for the sleeping bag. The large opening allows you easy access to the contents at all times. With the robust carrying handles, you always have a good grip on the duffle bag.

What are the advantages of a duffle bag?

The advantages of a duffle bag are its flexibility, durability and, last but not least, 100% protection of your belongings against rain, moisture and humidity. Compared to bags or rucksacks with a rigid or fixed shape, you have the advantage of compressibility when using a duffle bag. So if you use the duffle bag for clothes or soft items in general, you can compress the volume of the duffle pack by wrapping it tightly together and thus optimize the volume. Thanks to its easy handling and durable design, it is easy to carry and still offers sufficient protection for the contents. If you don't need the duffle bag when fishing, it can be stowed flat under your bunk to save space.

Is the duffle bag waterproof?

The materials we use are 100% waterproof. If the opening of the duffle bag is well closed, rolled down and secured with the straps, no rain shower can cause you any grief - your items are packed and protected 100% waterproof. Our duffle bag therefore offers you the security of always having your items dry and ready to hand, even in the most adverse conditions.

How do I care for the duffle bag?

If your duffle bag gets dirty, it's no big deal. Thanks to the waterproof materials, the duffle bag does not absorb water or dirt. You can easily remove any dirt on the outside with water and a damp cloth without leaving any residue. A little lukewarm water is also suitable for stubborn dirt.