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For guys like me who prefer to spend their time outdoors underwater, the Duffle Bag is the ideal solution. It easily holds all the equipment I need for snorkeling, such as fins, buoys, diving goggles, and wetsuits. The Duffle Bag has a place for everything, including water, which thanks to the bag, no longer finds its way into my car.

Chris Ackerman

Almost a decade! That alone stands for itself! A decade in which the Dash and the crew behind it accompany me! A decade in which not only the product range has grown, but also the Hammer Family!

Vlado Stojanovic

I like it rough and dirty and that's why I love the Hammer Waders. No matter if I'm moving, doing a photo shoot or just in bad weather. No matter how tough the conditions are, I always feel warm and dry with them. I'd like to thank Hammer Tackle for these great waders.

Sven Dombach