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Hit the road Jake: Hin und Zurück | Hammer Tackle

Dear readers, I have to apologize deeply! A full four months have passed since I last wrote a blog. Over a quarter of a year, almost a small eternity, one might think. Four full moons without spectacular catch stories, weeks without news about the missing guy with dreads. It was even rumored that he had fallen victim to an unknown and, according to eyewitnesses, a horrible creature in the forest that ravenously attacked anything with dreadlocks. Well, here I am again and I've survived, I can confirm that, as well as all the rumors about that heartless beast. However, I lost my dreadlocks in the fight and from now on I lead an existence characterized by sensitive coolness in the head area.

Oh, you're right, I'm sure I'll bore you again with my ramblings, but when you pick up your pen again after such a long time and dust off the inkwell, a torrent of pent-up rhetorical nonsense pours out.

Be that as it may, today we are taking the opportunity to look back on those four months. Looking back, that time flew by in a flash.

In the summer it seemed different, after all, everything that was now past was still ahead. The city was blooming, people were laughing and the general cheerfulness made you float through life.

Of course I also spent time by the water. I was always drawn to the green banks of the river and some lakes.

I have particularly fond memories of two nights with my friend Marko Brückenhaus. We last saw each other in Zwolle four years ago and the reunion was long overdue.

We spent two nights on a river where we caught great carp, had interesting conversations and of course cooked delicious food. I especially find joint sessions in the summer to be predestined for weightless, enjoyable hours.

At the same time, I was up to mischief in a big city, just a short train ride from my home. With my bike, subway and light luggage, I explored the park's lakes, rivers and canals.

It was a stark contrast in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of carp fishing. But I don't want to give too much away, because we'll be able to see that soon. And even though it was exciting, I increasingly longed for wild nature, good air and freedom

So I took the chance and spent the weeks until the start of the semester in my mother country, Slovenia.

Slovenia offered me so many opportunities for exciting things to do that I always find it incredibly difficult to really focus on one thing. But a clear focus is necessary when it comes to tackling something seriously. Especially when fishing.

Actually, in all the six weeks I had available, I could have intensively fished a body of water that was very special to me. I'm completely amazed every time I float across the clear water in the boat.

At first my euphoria was almost boiling over and I set to work full of enthusiasm. The year before, I fell for the charm of the blue water and managed to outwit one of the residents.

I again invested time in feeding, went snorkeling and was soon able to catch the first, absolutely flawless carp. I was really happy!

But as it happens, shortly afterwards I was completely captivated by the climbing and my head ignored the fishing and all the great carp. Likewise, a multi-day hike in the Alps surprised me with such an overdose of euphoria that it was almost impossible to get me off the summit. Then friends came to visit, the finest cooking took place every day and suddenly six weeks had flown by.

I hadn't visited the carp again and somehow that left me going back to Germany with a certain emptiness. I would have loved to spend a few more nights on these magical shores. But maybe it should be like that. Because the time for this body of water will come. I'm absolutely sure with this.

Once back into everyday student life, fishing once again took a back seat. University – training – meeting friends. That was the focus at first. Nonetheless, I almost immediately started feeding at a spot along the river. The leaves turned red, it got cooler and cooler and every two days some boilies went into the already cool water. The full moon was getting closer and the tension was growing. Because the full moon in October is unique and I wanted to be ready for these hours.

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