Lucas in search of magic: relax and hunt in the barrage

Lucas à la recherche de la magie: Déroule et stalking en barrage | Hammer Tackle

After the friendly meeting with Medhi at the launch of the previous dam, I drive down the kilometers behind the wheel of the van to join Nico in Aveyron. After a few nights alone, a little socializing feels good!
On the street overlooking the lake I see a guy in his Zod in the middle of a fight, it's Nico aka Rodnight, the guy is hot, that's motivating!
Unpacking in light mode, two hammer bags, a shelter, the mat and the poles, that's enough.

We have been discussing for several days about the winning approach and which approach we should take to continue catching in the coming days. Finally I set up on the opposite bank to try to intercept a passage in the riverbed during the night. We are way upstream of the lake, there is little water, the fishing is really cool in these conditions.

Nada, no carp, when I wake up I hallucinate. I release the rods again to attempt a shallower approach to the plateau on the other side of the riverbed, but the arrival of the butcher stops me from playing with the banners too much. In short, I fold, we land at Nico's station to organize a bit of equipment in order to stalk even further upriver for the afternoon.

After a short hike the area is very cloudy which is a good sign. The fish appear to be piling up in the area, waiting for the rising tide and taking advantage of the rapidly rising water temperature.
The pattern is simple, full pop up, small rig, small sinker and one light ball handle per rod.

If it doesn't move after 15 minutes, we either move the rigs or we move further upstream with even less water.
The first carp is at the end, after just a few minutes of fishing, we had discovered a good concentration in this area, you just have to look for a big problem in trouble, got it? Dark brown on light brown!

Little water, but not so small fish ... The people who fish with a width of 4-5 m think we are UFOs, the rods rarely last more than ten minutes before starting fishing, and they have to ask what we're using to catch them, because we're fishing in a puddle on the highest surface of a lake that's several hundred acres in size. What luck...
During the runs we keep it simple, everyone takes part, it has to be good!

It's a lot of fun, we laugh, crazy fights, the sound of the brakes announcing descents, everything in a great mood.
To take full advantage of the evening rush, we fold and return to Nico's area, where I will only position two rods so as not to overload the sector. The deposition occurs in two prominent locations, large trees sunken on a mud plateau. Nico has seen some activity in these spots and fished similar ones successfully, plus his wide bait covers the entire area from the start of the session.
The wood fire is lit to cook the tiger nuts for the evening, there is nothing better than freshness!

The night and morning turned out to be productive, we had a lot of fun with typical lakeside communities with good fights. Rodnight prepares a series of coffees just to open his eyes and prepare for the afternoon stalk.

Repeat the paid pattern from the previous day and we're off again, catching the fish with touches that are often triggered in less than ten minutes. We even get impatient when it drags on and forget that we are still in a stalemate...

For my last night at the lake, we prepare a good meal over the wood fire before heading to our sleeping bags around midnight. At night I create a community with beautiful colors and a mirror with a beautiful shape that will last for two weeks. Early in the morning we do a few more moves, it definitely doesn't stop, and among other things Nico pulls out a badly chipped mirror, perfect for an old-fashioned double photo and to mark the end of this session. The boys are happy!

Nico is on a trip lasting several months and changes destinations depending on the season, his wishes, the weather... We are therefore planning to meet in the Alps in the summer so that I can introduce him to the turquoise waters of the region.
Thank you for these good times my friend, good luck in this great adventure and everything to tear up 😉

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