Vantastic Lukas: back in familiar regions

Vantastic Lukas: zurück in bekannten Regionen | Hammer Tackle

Again nothing on the river

I stayed by the river for one night until I felt like going further again. The place was very comfortable, but it was right next to a promenade, which was getting increasingly busy on Friday as I was packing up. Fishing like it was on a platter wasn't really my thing, so we moved on.

summer fishing on the “big water”

Since it was getting warmer and warmer and the temperatures rose to over 30 degrees, I wanted to look for a place where I could really celebrate this mid-summer weather. I had a lake in mind that I associated with exactly such summer conditions. A reservoir of over 1000 hectares with crystal clear water. I wasn't sure whether this was such a good idea on a Friday during the holiday season, but I wanted to try it in any case. I already knew the lake a little, but I also knew that the places accessible by car were in short supply.

an unexpectedly short stay

After a long search, I finally found a position that seemed perfect for me. A shady spot right by the water. There was a small bay in front of me that I could fish very easily on my own. I was highly motivated, got El Banano off the roof again and got the rods ready to go. When I was looking for the spots, I could even see a small scale in the weedy bank area. I wanted to stay here for a few days!!

Despite the jumping fish that I kept hearing in the bay at night, everything remained quiet apart from one bad bite. When a Frenchman came from an adjacent property the next morning and pointed out that I could no longer stand there, I was served. After a short conversation I was able to at least persuade him to let me stay at the place another night. The second night I got another run where the fish was lost in an obstacle. Luck wasn't on my side at the time, but better times would come - I thought...

It wasn't just the few fish or unused bites that made life difficult for me at the time, no, a huge problem in the recently fished waters were the crabs, which didn't shy away from anything. Whether wrapped boilies or tiger nuts, the guys didn't shy away from anything and I kept reeling in completely empty rigs.

further south...

When I was forced to pack up again on Sunday, I wasn't sure which route to take on my way to my friend Sebastien, who lives on the edge of the Pyrenees. I wanted to set up there in the near future but would make 1-2 stops at other bodies of water on the way there. I spontaneously decided to go to a lake that I was very familiar with to check out the situation. As I drove further and further south it became increasingly hotter - so hot that sweat was dripping from doing nothing. After a short chat with other German anglers at the lake, I drove to an open spot on the lake and laid out my rods at dusk on this pleasantly mild summer evening.

You have to be lucky

Time flew by there and before I knew it, I had been there for 5 days. I found the peace and quiet I needed to work on my laptop and land some fish. Unfortunately, most of it was in the category: “I unhook it directly in the water”. The best fish of this session ended up in my landing net after a cinematic recovery action from the wood. After I thought the fish was hopelessly lost due to a broken line, it came to the surface at the edge of a row of trees in front of which I was fishing. So he was still on the hook. Like lightning I rowed towards him, brought the line with my fish rescuer to the surface and drilled him between the trees on a free line. Sometimes you just have to be lucky!

The wind increased so strongly on the last two days that it almost forced me to continue my journey. Proper fishing was no longer possible. It spoiled my assembly, the bite alarm beeped continuously at the most insensitive level and I no longer had to think about going on the boat. So one Friday I retreated.

Now I went to what felt like my second home, to my good friend Sebastien.

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