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Vantastic Lukas: Ständige Gewässerwechsel | Hammer Tackle

Bathers and campers everywhere

There was just too much going on at the waters in the region at my friend Sebastien's at the moment... I didn't feel like mingling with the crowd of bathers and campers. I would have preferred to just drive to a completely different region of France, but I was still waiting for the gas adapter that I needed to be delivered to use the French gas bottles in the camper. Unfortunately these are being delivered from China to my buddy Sebastien. That tied me somewhat to the region…

Change of plan

Back at the “Holzsee”, less than a 2 hour drive away, after a short job search I met the German angler Christian. He was fishing alone in France and we hit it off right away. The next day we quickly decided to drive together to the water where I had already sat with Micha and his girlfriend last week and caught the old Schuppi twice.
The plan was actually different, since I've been in the car often enough lately, I wanted to rest for a few days again. However, through Christian I gained new motivation to go fishing. In addition, traveling alone makes you appreciate good company more and more, so it should go in the opposite direction for 2.5 hours...

The shock

Unfortunately, the 2.5 hours turned into significantly more... My dog ​​Mara started behaving very strangely during the trip. When I realized at some point that it wasn't one of her "normal" quirks, but that she really wasn't feeling well, I stopped in a parking lot to quickly see what was wrong with her. She gave the impression that she was completely beside herself, as if on drugs...I was sure that she had once again eaten some rubbish that was lying around and this time there was something intolerable. I contacted my friend Sebastien and he found a vet nearby. Unfortunately it was Sunday and there weren't many doctors on call. The vet, which was open, was a few minutes' drive away. However, the Sunday surcharge was pointed out directly. After a long wait, the doctor told me that Mara had to stay on site to be checked out. An uneasy feeling. I've never had to leave Mara with a doctor without knowing what exactly was going on.
Since Christian and I were sure that the examinations and the callback could take a long time, we drove to the targeted lake for the hour that still remained before us. My feeling was anything but good and I had a queasy feeling in my stomach the whole day. Fishing no longer played any role for me. I was just waiting for a positive call from the doctor.
When we reached a barely passable place on the lake where we only wanted to stay until the next day, I got the call that evening. Mara had to stay in the veterinary clinic until the next day.

Breathe a sigh of relief

For the first time since I've had her, we spent the night apart, a strange feeling. The relieving call came the next morning, Mara was much fitter again. So I raced off and picked her up. With €300 less in her wallet and no precise diagnosis, it was assumed, as expected, that she had eaten something inedible. Glad to have her by my side again, we went back to the lake for another night where Christian was waiting for us. The actions stopped so we wanted to change something. Christian and I's fishing was similar: neither of us are fans of days-long sessions in one place and the use of large food campaigns; we tried much more to find the fish...

Behind the wheel again

After wandering around the lake for a while, we were unsure what to do and drove back to the Holzsee, where we met. During the journey I noticed that all the driving around was slowly affecting my mood and I felt more and more unbalanced. Thank God there were many places on the lake available in the middle of the week and we decided on the shallow end of the lake. We stayed there one night, I caught two smaller fish, which I immediately released. The next day we escaped from the forecast wind to look for a more sheltered corner. Unfortunately, the one I was heading for was already occupied. We wandered around the lake only to realize at the end that nothing suited us or was suitable for the rising wind. So continue again. We drove to Sebastien's because after 4 weeks my longed for gas adapter had finally arrived. At the lake nearby, we looked for a free spot at the very end of the lake. Not ideal fishing wise, but at least we had a spot. All around us - quite normal lately: numerous bathers and camping friends. In the evening I actually caught a smaller scale fish, which I also immediately let swim again.

final destination

The last few days were extremely hot and we could only survive in the shade. We stayed at the lake another night and didn't have any further fish action. Our area seemed deserted. Christian was planning to change water again, I wanted to wait until he had checked the situation on site and moved into an attractive location. Around midday we received positive news that the previously chosen position was vacant. So I followed suit and reached the lake where we were waiting for Mara's diagnosis a few days ago.

What a back and forth. I was annoyed but sure that this time it was the last stop together for Christian and me. I was fed up with sitting in the car. The predicted weather at the lake was promising, so I prepared the rods that evening. The next day there was a very slow process on one of Christian's rods. A good mirror landed in the landing net after a fight from the bank. We celebrated the fish together. To my surprise, apart from three more catfish, nothing else has happened so far despite the best conditions. Anyway, at least I have time to write a new blog! 😉

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