Vantastic Lukas: Good times - bad times

Vantastic Lukas: Good times - bad times | Hammer Tackle

The last night at the “feel-good spot”

When I wrote the last blog at my “feel-good spot” right on the lake in a fantastic location, I had already stayed there for 9 days. Not really successful with 2 carp on the credit side. Nevertheless, I felt incredibly comfortable there and stayed two more nights. Since I didn't have any further action until the last evening, I wanted to put all the rods differently last night. So I simply tried different depths near the spots I was fishing. Placed one rod directly in the deep riverbed, another landed directly in the steep bank. It was a full moon and in the evening there was finally a bit of calm. After taking a few photos of the rising moon, I enjoyed the peace and quiet and laid down in the van.

A magical night

Before midnight I had a run, for which I got into the boat this time so as not to risk another loss on the steep bank edge. I hoped it wasn't another catfish, but in the bright moonlight I could see a good mirror on the surface, which landed in my landing net a short time later. I was satisfied. It was worth staying another night! After the photo session I quickly put the rod back down. As I was rowing back I could hear another rod coming off. From one moment to the next the fish just seemed to be there. I stepped up my game and drilled from the bank this time. Another nice mirror biting in the deep river bed, perfect! Relaying the rods was the right decision or was it just a special night or the full moon?! I couldn't answer these questions and by the next morning I was able to catch two more fish. Four fish in one night! In the 10 nights before that I caught two. Once again it showed me that persevering in the reservoirs can sometimes be worth it. The fish often move around great distances until they suddenly come into the area being fished or some external factor significantly increases their feeding. The fish bit on spots at completely different depths that were far apart from each other.

I waited until midday to see if the night's series of catches would continue, but after dusk I had no more action. The fish seemed to have moved on. So it was time for me to move on, but above all I urgently needed to go shopping. Beforehand I drove past two English teams who told me that they had no activities on what was a special night for me.

Good Times-Bad Times

We continued to the next supermarket. I wasn't in the best mood that day, despite last night's success. I had been suffering from gastrointestinal problems for a while, which were increasingly affecting my mental state. In the afternoon I looked for a spot at a lake nearby to just do nothing. I didn't feel like fishing or doing sports, which is usually something I can do to keep myself in a good mood. I went to sleep early so that I would hopefully be in a better mood the next day.

The next day started with a short walk and a sports session. Meanwhile, my friend Christian, who announced himself here in the south with his girlfriend Katha, got in touch. So the next goal was clear. We wanted to spend a few days together at a lake a little away from my current spot. After a very intensive day of driving, which was very good for my condition, I didn't arrive at the lake until around 8. It was time to translate, so I loaded my boat and rowed off in the dark.

Four nights in company

With the boat full, I drifted across the lake in the darkness, but there was no sign of Christian and Katha. I didn't get a point and Christian didn't answer the phone. After several attempts to call, I finally reached him, unfortunately with the bad news that they were at the other end of the lake. So I put myself in the oars and easily rowed 3 kilometers to where they both were. After about an hour of crossing, I sat with the two of them a short time later with a glass of rosè. After a good supper we lay down sometime after midnight. I didn't clear the rods until the next day, when Christian had already had his first actions.

Things were slow for me and in the 4 nights we spent together I was only able to land one fish, another got out in a fight.
On the only rainy day of the week we decided to leave so we could have dinner in the restaurant that evening. We dried the things on our cars at the nearby campsite. It was good to be able to take a warm shower there and wash my clothes in a real washing machine.

The reality of life

After a night at the campsite we said goodbye. The two wanted to go surfing on the Atlantic coast. I had a doctor's visit scheduled the next day... So in the afternoon I drove to a lake not far from the practice and threw out three rods wherever I could.

Due to my ongoing health problems, I was repeatedly put into reflective phases that showed me that life abroad in such situations is much more difficult than at home. The language barrier is the biggest problem, but life in the car also has its downsides in some situations. I am happy to now have several contacts in France who I know will be at my side to help in special situations. Above all, my friend Sebastien, who is always there to help me and arranged the doctor's appointment for me, was always an incredibly big help!!

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