Vantastic Lukas: Summer, sun, blank!

Vantastic Lukas: Sommer, Sonne, Blank! | Hammer Tackle

They jump but don't bite!!

I spent two nights at the inlet of the reservoir, where there were always fish, especially early in the morning. I just couldn't get a bite!! In addition to the insects, the crabs also made life difficult for me. Especially the rods that I had laid down flatter were completely wasted. I was annoyed, but couldn't really say goodbye to the lake. But I was done with the point at the inlet for now...

I packed my stuff in the car and wanted to see what was going on with the Englishman I met in the middle of the lake two days ago. The four fish he had caught in the last two days didn't help to improve my mood. He caught all the fish significantly deeper...maybe that was the reason for my blank!?

Retreat to the rocky river

Since it was Friday and the lake was slowly filling up with people looking for relaxation, I drove a few kilometers further to a section of the river. Rocks stuck out of the clear water, I wanted to try it here...
When I took a closer look at the structure underwater with my tapping lead, I noticed that the entire river was made of rocks. No chance of putting a “normal” rig here. So I put out chodrigs... but the line pressure became so great that it became a real problem. So I put all but one rod and the other three on my own bank.

The bite indicators remained silent until the next morning when I packed up again to change the section of the river. The evening before I got a tip from another angler who came from this region and guided me there. Unfortunately, a short time later, disillusionment also set in here. The access to the site appears to have been closed recently. There was no other way to get there.

New attempt at the lake

So I got back behind the wheel and navigated back to the lake. I looked to see if there was a spot that wasn't occupied by bathers or weekend anglers. Unfortunately that wasn't the case and so I parked on a meadow above the lake. From there I had a good overview of the positions. It wasn't until the next day that the lake emptied and I was able to move into my favorite spot. This time I fished deeper, in the old river bed at about 10 meters. Apart from bream, I couldn't catch anything there in the following 2 nights. The weather had clearly changed for the better during this time. Unfortunately not ideal fishing weather. From then on, the thermometer rose above 30 degrees every day and the sun beat down on the planet with full force.

No fishing weather

I didn't see any good conditions for fishing and went on another exploration trip to the French Massif Central. Not because I really wanted to fish there, but because I find the region indescribably beautiful. I drifted slowly through the mountainous landscape, stopping here and there. After driving around for three days, I stopped at a river that I actually only noticed by chance on the GPS.

It was easy to reach, the trees on the bank provided a little shade and anyway, after sitting in the car for the last few days, I could use a little break. So, drenched in sweat, I put down my rods...

Maybe you can quickly find a target fish here...

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