Vantastic Lukas: Things always turn out differently

Vantastic Lukas: Es kommt immer anders | Hammer Tackle

Unexpected water level

After about two hours of driving, I reached the lake in the Pyrenees. It showed itself in a picture that I had never seen before: the water level was very high at this time of year. The high level gave the lake a completely new charm. I like it when the banks are flooded and the trees in the water become interesting fishing spots. Nevertheless, I expected that I could easily reach most of the places by car, but I had to convince myself otherwise: almost all of the places that were still accessible were besieged by French Gypsies who spread out so much that I would have had to mingle with them to be able to fish. After I had explored what felt like the entire lake, I found a spot in the shallow part of the lake that was not yet besieged. Unfortunately, this was completely muddied by the water that was now falling. At times I sank up to my knees in mud on the way to the boat, but I saw a fish jump as soon as I arrived, so screw it.

Double visit

I only started fishing on the second day because it was too late in the evening. So I was able to calmly adjust the rods to the conditions in the light. I placed two with subfloats in shallow, washed-out areas right next to sunken bushes. The first night I got a bite on exactly one of these rods. After the fish was stuck in an obstacle despite the subfloat, I was able to net off an old, skinny fish after a freeing operation. A fish with character...

For the next two days, my friend Michael and his girlfriend were on a road trip through France and were also on their way to the lake. Although we didn't really start well, we had an incredibly relaxed and good time. To everyone's amazement, I caught the same character Schuppi from 2 days ago again. After the two said goodbye after two days, I stayed another night, unfortunately without success. The water continued to fall, seemingly causing the fish to move out of the shallow area.

From the sea to the mountains and...where to now?!

The next day I went to the nearest larger city to do laundry and take a quick trip to the sea. As expected, it was very crowded and I was happy to have found somewhere to park. That same evening I drove inland again, back towards the Pyrenees.

I wanted to go back to the mountains in the hope of finding quiet places in the middle of nature. I already knew the corner from one of my past trips, so I headed for the large mountain lake “Lac de Matemale”. Unfortunately, I discovered on site that the parking spaces I remembered so well were made inaccessible due to a height restriction. So I drove on and was shocked at how crowded it was, even in rather unspectacular places in the middle of the mountains. It was the middle of the week and there was a bear dancing everywhere. I had the feeling that no matter where I went at the moment, the same thing would happen everywhere. If not worse. After all, I haven't been to a tourist region yet.


I spent a lot of the next few days in the car. Drove through the mountains, looking at lakes and new landscapes and feeling kind of restless. I didn't really know where to go or what exactly I wanted. The waters were currently very overcrowded, which took away the desire to fish. Not to mention the sea, there was hardly a free square meter to be found and in the mountains the internet was usually so bad that I couldn't do my things on the laptop. So I went from A to B to end up back with my friend Sebastien. I looked for a free spot somewhere in the area where I could park to sit out the warm weekend and hopefully be able to fish somewhere in peace next week...

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