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Carp + Cat Expo, the second

Carp + Cat Expo, die Zweite | Hammer Tackle

It's almost that time again; as soon as summer is coming to an end, preparations for some trade fairs are (probably) already in full swing again.
Last year I celebrated my or our trade fair debut together with Alex Kobler & Caroline. The Carp Gypsies presented their eponymous letter and picture masterpiece for the first time, while I was able to present my bags “live” to a live audience for the first time. Due to the extremely positive experiences I had in Wallau last year, I decided to take part again this year with a stand. The good Marcus Sippel guaranteed me participation again this week and even the same stand location. So if you feel hungry in Wallau or need to go to the toilet at some point during the day - then see you at the Carp + Cat Expo in Wallau! Why? You'll see that soon!

You can read a short review of the trade fair with a few pictures here over the next few days...

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