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Find us in den Bosch

Find us in the Bosch

Meet us in Hall 1 / Booth # 130 So nice that you dared to scan our QR code! <3 To help you find our stand better, here is a short video - we look forward to seeing you! You can find our products...

Hammer Tackle presents: Steffen Hambsch | Hammer Tackle

Hammer Tackle presents: Steffen Hambsch

Hammer Tackle presents: Like a clockwork – Steffen Hambsch Daniel Hammer meets his long-time mate Steffen Hambsch for a night at the bankside at the beginning of September and asks him questions ab...

DH & AK = HT? WTF! | Hammer Tackle

DH & AK = HT? WTF!

There's news at Hammer Tackle, pretty great news! What's up? My previous “one-man show” is growing! My long-time friend and mental companion Alexander Kobler will be leading Hammer Tackle w...

Adventure (!?)

A term that, in my opinion, has been and continues to be used a little too inflationarily in recent years. However, it is not my place to make judgments or to admonish the actions of other people a...

...wasserdicht? | Hammer Tackle


At trade fairs in particular, I often come across a question: “Are your bags 100% waterproof?” To this I usually reply: “100% up to the zipper, rainproof above that.” My bags are neither buckets wi...

Die neuen Taschen in Größe S & SX | Hammer Tackle

The new bags in sizes S & SX

Not only is there a new size for the HammerDash, but both versions of the small bags have been equipped with a transparent lid. The reason for this innovation was a survey that I conducted on Faceb...

New products at Hammer Tackle

No more bags? Oh but! Something is moving again at Hammer Tackle. About a week ago I was able to receive new products. However, since it will probably take a few days until the products are photogr...


Nice that you became aware of our competition! To take part, simply fill out the card you found and bring it to us at our HammerTackle stand (first floor, next to the restaurant). We will draw the ...

Carp Austria, jetzt auch als Bewegtbild! | Hammer Tackle

Carp Austria, now also as a moving image!

Here are a few more scenes from Carp Austria in Vösendorf - probably less serious and less informative than most of the trade fair review videos. But that's exactly how it should be. Have fun w...

Die Carp Austria in Vösendorf | Hammer Tackle

The Carp Austria in Vösendorf

Where do I start, where do I end? I don't know, but what I do know is that it will probably be a rather unconventional review of the trade fair... As a carp fishing nomad, you should almost be ...

Die Carp+Cat Expo Rhein Main Neckar | Hammer Tackle

The Carp+Cat Expo Rhine Main Neckar

Here are a few more pictures from the last trade fair weekend in Wallau. Thank you very much again for many good conversations, nice people and lots of fun. At this point, special thanks go again t...

Carp Austria / freier Eintritt | Hammer Tackle

Carp Austria / free entry

On December 3rd & 4th we will have a stand at Carp Austria in Vienna for the first time. Here you now have the chance to win a VIP ticket four times. The card entitles you to free entry to Carp...

Es gibt dann mal wieder Taschen | Hammer Tackle

Then there are bags again

It felt like it took forever - but now it's that time again. A large number of bags are waiting to be freed from the dreary shipping boxes! Now the timing at the beginning / middle of November ...

Gewinne das Buch der Gypsies! | Hammer Tackle

Win the Book of Gypsies!

After the raffle of the last HammerDash, I unfortunately can't report any other lucky finds from my garage. Nevertheless, there is something to be won today or in the near future. This time, ho...

HammerDash M - all you do is win! | Hammer Tackle

HammerDash M – all you do is win!

While rearranging my small warehouse, I actually came across a size M HammerDash. Unfortunately, the good piece has been out of stock for several weeks now. Supplies are now on the way, but it will...

Carp + Cat Expo, die Zweite | Hammer Tackle

Carp + Cat Expo, the second

It's almost that time again; as soon as summer is coming to an end, preparations for some trade fairs are (probably) already in full swing again. Last year I celebrated my or our trade fair deb...

Ausverkauft! (Aber nicht mehr lange!) | Hammer Tackle

Sold out! (But not for long!)

…my stock at the moment! But there's no need to worry - the HammerDash will soon be available again and everyone who couldn't get it will soon have the chance to buy it again. In addition t...

Eingeschlagen! | Hammer Tackle


Good quality, the right color, the right size and above all – a fair price. I had these characteristics in mind the whole time - it seems to be catching on! Thank you for the trust you have placed ...

HammerDash goes Spain! | Hammer Tackle

HammerDash goes Spain!

The Carp Gypsies kindly sent me this picture. PS – busy crossing in Spain, I hope the life jackets were on! 😉

Chris & Bootsmann | Hammer Tackle

Chris & Boatswain

Like his dog Boatswain, HammerDash has been Chris Ackermann's constant companion for several months now...

Kaufrausch! | Hammer Tackle

Shopping Spree!

Some of my customers placed some huge orders! Thanks a lot, lads!

Auf dem Rücken, die Zweite | Hammer Tackle

On the back, the second

Dear “Kai Ro” has also found Dash on his back…

Uwe! | Hammer Tackle


The “watertight” Uwe in luck! 😉

Plan B | Hammer Tackle

Plan B

If there is no boat or trolley available, the good old body can also be used as a vehicle for the HammerDash. The adjustable straps allow you to comfortably strap it to your back, so all good thing...