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The new bags in sizes S & SX

Die neuen Taschen in Größe S & SX | Hammer Tackle

Not only is there a new size for the HammerDash, but both versions of the small bags have been equipped with a transparent lid. The reason for this innovation was a survey that I conducted on Facebook in late summer. The most prominent example of not wanting to listen to the wishes of his customers is probably Henry Ford ( "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses."), but I was sure that it couldn't be a bad idea at least tend to ask to what extent there is interest in transparent lids. Surprisingly, over 300 people took my survey. I didn't expect the result to be so clear either.

This clear result made me decide relatively quickly and clearly that a transparent cover definitely had to be put on the small bags. Admittedly, I used to think this feature was unnecessary. However, when I went fishing with the patterns for the first time this year, I quickly realized how helpful it is and how much frustration it saves from not always having the wrong bag in my hand! If you happen to own a bag like this in the near future, I really hope it will help you organize and quickly find your utensils.

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