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At trade fairs in particular, I often come across a question: “Are your bags 100% waterproof?” To this I usually reply: “100% up to the zipper, rainproof above that.”

My bags are neither buckets with a lid, nor a motorcycle bag that can be sealed airtight and therefore watertight, nor a Zarges box. The bags are equipped with a zipper, which unfortunately inherently prevents these bags from being 100% waterproof. But let's be honest, do they have to be? I see the pretty valuable advantage of these bags in that I can leave them 100% worry-free wherever I like and especially wherever my fishing spot requires it. No muddy ground, no wet meadow, no puddle or any other surface that is hostile to clothes or food will spoil my mood and my time by the water due to wetness or “siff”.

To be honest, I don't think it's necessary to leave the bags out in the pouring rain for days. Normally you always have your belongings within easy reach, so they are usually stored under an umbrella or even in a tent. Here, the comparatively low height of the HammerDash allows it to be stored under the lounger to save space. If it rains while setting up, moving or even packing up (yuck!), there is no reason to worry either. The lid of the HammerDash is rainproof long enough that you don't have to worry about your equipment!

At this point I would like to mention the good Vlado Stojanovic. Vlado was a very “early” buyer of my bags. Over time he has repeatedly sent me pictures of how he uses my bags in his admittedly rather rough fishing on the tidal Elbe. In case you missed the report – here is the link.
And now let's all go deep into ourselves and be completely honest with ourselves - if it is suitable for him under the most adverse (flood) conditions on the Elbe, then it will probably also be suitable for most of us for our fishing! 😉

Next weekend the “unshakeable” can be found at the Badgers Best stand in Wallau. If my advice isn't enough for you, Vlado has kindly offered to give me advice about HammerDash - so don't hesitate.

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