Adventure (!?)

A term that, in my opinion, has been and continues to be used a little too inflationarily in recent years. However, it is not my place to make judgments or to admonish the actions of other people and anglers. Ultimately, our hobby is about freeing yourself from social constraints. For the modern Paylake angler these days, the greatest adventure seems to manifest itself in whether the fish weighs 39 or even 43 kg - for others, adventure might mean spending two weeks fishing on wind- and mud-battered inland seas. Personally, I would definitely lean towards the second case. However, for me, the oft-quoted term encompasses more the experience of the “new” and especially the “unknown” than I would classify simply going fishing as an “adventure”. My fishing is usually not very adventurous anyway. Pure frustration reigns in my everyday fishing life, there is no room for adventure any more! 😉

After an introduction that may be too long and probably somewhat misleading, I now come to the actual core message of these lines. Want some inspiration? This man is an adventurer! Take the 25 minutes and watch this wonderful film, it's worth it.

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