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DH & AK = HT? WTF!

DH & AK = HT? WTF! | Hammer Tackle

There's news at Hammer Tackle, pretty great news!

What's up?

My previous “one-man show” is growing! My long-time friend and mental companion Alexander Kobler will be leading Hammer Tackle with me from April 1st, 2018 (April, April).

How come?

Alex and I have a long and very good friendship. We usually share the same views and complement each other when this is not the case. However, we have much more in common than just fishing; many years ago we thought about starting a joint company in the fishing sector. But somehow the idea got lost and we left fishing purely as a leisure activity. In the last few years, however, that has changed and while Alex went on a fishing trip, the idea of ​​the perfect fishing bag started to run through my head more and more. So it came about that we presented our heartfelt works together at a joint stand at the Carp Expo in Wallau in 2015: Alex's work “Carp Gypsies”, I mean HammerDash.

The idea of ​​combining our ideas under the existing name Hammer Tackle came to Alex this January. A “fusion” that initially seemed purely rational and logical, later made us euphoric and excited, but also went through a skeptical phase and ultimately gave us full motivation and drive. But one thing we were the whole time: very sure that we wanted to do it and finally make our long-standing wish of running a company together come true.

What are we planning to do?

To make fishing more practical and comfortable for anglers with even more HammerDashs and HammerSi(t)zen and to continue to grow the product portfolio. We already have a few ideas, but what will actually make it onto the virtual shelf or at one or two trade fairs this year remains to be seen. We're not under any pressure, but we're even more keen!

And now? See you soon! Kind regards, Daniel & Alex If you would like to continue to be regularly informed about news on the site in the future, you can subscribe to the newsletter via this link.

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