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Win the Book of Gypsies!

Gewinne das Buch der Gypsies! | Hammer Tackle

After the raffle of the last HammerDash, I unfortunately can't report any other lucky finds from my garage. Nevertheless, there is something to be won today or in the near future. This time it's not about one of my bags (I don't have any more!!!) - rather it's about the fantastic work of Carp Gypsies Alex & Caroline.

Alex and Caroline have been touring through European countries for over two years now (mainly fishing) and report on their experiences so far in their great work. Alex is an incredibly good photographer and a gifted writer - without boring you too much, the book is a MUST, period!

All you have to do to enter the book draw is subscribe to the HammerTackle newsletter . The competition runs a little longer this time – until Friday, October 7th, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. The visually and eloquently powerful work will then be randomly identified among all new newsletter subscribers and the lucky winner will be notified by email .

And…go, the second one!


You can find out more about the Gypsies

on Pink Heron , the Korda homepage or the Gypsies' Facebook page .

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