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Soël "Wild Dream" Briche: La grosse… Fève | Hammer Tackle

Soël “Wild Dream” Briche: The big… bean

August 2022, I have been working for some time on board a ship that we like to call “Grande Dame”. These few months in Nantes with “Tonton” have been very full of emotions, but I'm starting to ...

Soël "Wild Dream" Briche: 3,2,1 Hic! Bonne année !!!! | Hammer Tackle

Soël “Wild Dream” Briche: 3,2,1 Hic! Happy New !!!!

On October 23, 2022, little Dylan decides to create a WhatsApp group to offer a small party with friends for the New Year. Even if the group consists of only five poor people, the suggestions are n...