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Zwölf Monate Karpfenangeln: der Mai

Twelve months of carp fishing: May

The beautiful month of May is here! After the long winter months and the early and unstable spring months of March and April, the ‘real’ spring is now coming to life and you should soak up this sho...

Ein Tag Karpfenangeln am schönen Bleder See | Hammer Tackle

A day of carp fishing on beautiful Lake Bled

It's the same almost every year. At the end of August, the really hot weather goes away for the first time – at least for a few days. And it's exactly these days that the carp are really hi...

Vlado und die Flut | Hammer Tackle

Vlado and the flood

Vlado's fishing is anything but ordinary. When fishing on the river, you not only have to follow the current and bottom conditions, but you also have to take into account the influence of the t...

Hammer x 7SIEBE | Hammer Tackle
La Vida | Hammer Tackle

La Vida

I'm getting less and less comfortable with social media. I'm not at all interested in what Hinz and Kunz do all day and what they spread on the Internet - but I'm still attracted to it....

Fangfotos in der Nacht (Teil 2) | Hammer Tackle

Catch photos at night (part 2)

The most important thing for good catch photos at night is motivation. But after overcoming your weaker self – which is not always easy at three at night – a bit of routine and a trained eye for th...

Fangfotos in der Nacht (Teil 1) | Hammer Tackle

Catch photos at night (part 1)

Carp are active day and night. So it is no surprise that a large part of carp angling takes place in darkness. Plenty of techniques and skills help the angler to fish effectively in these condition...

Winter carpfishing in Spain (II) | Hammer Tackle

Winter carpfishing in Spain (II)-en

<p>Emptiness dominated my feelings after another fishless night. Somehow I couldn’t sense the meaning of this trip. Too many rare things had happened in my relationship. Doubts were accumulat...

Winter carpfishing in Spain (I) | Hammer Tackle

Winter carpfishing in Spain (I)

It’s three weeks that I left the (actually not so) sunny South and returned to Middle Europe. It feels like ages though. And I really miss freedom and solitude of the Extremadura. Once more the 500...