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Vlado and the flood

Vlado und die Flut | Hammer Tackle

Vlado's fishing is anything but ordinary.

When fishing on the river, you not only have to follow the current and bottom conditions, but you also have to take into account the influence of the tides. Because the large and wild river that flows deep in its heart has a direct connection to the mighty North Sea.

Again and again you see pictures of him in which his camp is flooded and he is seemingly helpless at the mercy of the powerful river. This really interested us and aroused our curiosity. So we set off to visit him in Hamburg – his pearl.

We spent two nights with Vlado on the river that was so magical for him. What we were able to experience and feel there was more than worth the long journey! We now understand why he simply ignores the quarry lake right in front of his front door with fish weighing up to 30 kg and is infatuated with this constantly changing and “breathing” river. The fact that he caught two carp was anything but a given - despite long and careful preparation. We also saw the sparkle in his eyes and the respect he paid to these slim and fierce fish.

We hope that you feel the vibration of the mighty stream as much as we did when you look at these images and wish you a lot of fun and an entertaining fifty minutes.

Your Daniel & Alex

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