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Twelve months of carp fishing: June, the big disillusionment

Zwölf Monate Karpfenangeln: Juni, die große Ernüchterung (oder doch nicht?)

Fading hormones, partially bruised and damaged bodies, sunken bellies and seasonally low weights. The fat months are over! And really anyone can catch a carp. The finesse that was necessary in previous months has changed to blunt feeding; dumping food anywhere in the lake can be crowned with success. Because they are hungry! After the extensive lovemaking of the last few weeks, their energy stores now need to be recharged. And any food (means) will do. But as nice as it is to catch this phase and true fishing orgies, unfortunately most carp are not so nice. What you didn't manage to catch in May, you can't make up for now with the carp that have been spawned out, provided you like big, round carp - of course.


But June is still not so clear and predictable. It marks the transition from spring to summer and thus combines both seasons. Spring at the beginning of the month can even still be characterised by spawning in some deep and cool waters - for the fattest mums. This year it even looks like that in some places and everything could be delayed by a week or two. The endless rain and cool temperatures in May are responsible for this this year. However, you won't be able to catch the big mums before they spawn; it's too late for that. 


In normal years and in most waters, however, all the carp are usually through spawning by the end of May anyway and the water temperature is already over 20 degrees Celsius at the surface. And in many years in Germany it is the first week of June - usually in conjunction with a low pressure area - during which the big feeding takes place. And usually only this one week after spawning. From the second or third week of June, summer finally arrives - which, however, has never been so exciting for carp fishing in most waters. 


Fishing bait is now eaten more cautiously again. The first ravenous appetite is satisfied for the time being and there is an abundance of natural food! The carp are also familiar with sluggish phases again, during which they finally recover from the weeks of spawning or not spawning. To catch them anyway and offer them a change from their natural diet, the bait should definitely be really fresh again now. And less is usually more. As before in May, it is better to find the carp again from mid-June and trick them with just enough food to clear a single carp from the spot. If the white fish allow it, particles such as tigernuts, corn, peanuts and hemp are also a good choice now, as they are a good supplement to the natural food, which is very high in protein, as they are rich in carbohydrates (tigernuts and corn) and fat (peanuts and hemp).


To be honest, forecasting used to be easier because the weather was more predictable. And I'm already very excited to see how June will develop. From the beginning of next week, it should finally warm up and I'm really curious to see whether one or two carp will have butterflies in their stomachs after all. We will see. I'll be sure to go into this again in the next blog in July and then hopefully it will finally be summer, sunshine, sunshine!
Have fun on the water,
Your Alex

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