Hit the road Jake 2: City of Night

Hit the road Jake 2: City of Night | Hammer Tackle

Off to Holland

Since my first visit to Holland last year, this country has never let me go. This area is too impressive. Urban, flourishing life goes hand in hand with wild, undiscovered nature. If I spend an evening in the heart of large and old cities, it is still possible to reach the peaceful meadows of large rivers within a few minutes. This landscape diversity is paired with, at least in my personal opinion, very interesting fishing opportunities. To establish a routine in my new lifestyle, I imagined this area as the perfect place. Perhaps I need to briefly explain this project. It was my goal to establish a system for living in a car that would allow me to find my way around both cities and wild nature. A good routine in everyday life and a good system in your own seven things makes life more relaxed and uncomplicated for me.

City of Night

With a quiet splash my first rod lands in the dark, slowly flowing waters. Once again I found myself deep in the heart of a Dutch city. Gentle waves crash against the canal's paved banks every time a small boat cruises along the waterways. Even though it is late at night, I can hear chatter and chatter from all sides. Here in Holland, life seems to go on as before, at least the streets and promenades are filled with happy students. Of course, I couldn't help but settle down for the night right here, at one of the most popular meeting places for young people. I get astonished looks when I come with fishing rods instead of beer in hand. I often get involved in conversations, make contacts and get to know young Dutch life up close. In order not to get too freaked out, I'm making sure to be well-dressed tonight and not appear like a dirty bushman.

But some rabble are also up to mischief in the darkness. Intoxicated by beer, weed and coke, bizarre figures keep staggering past me and giving me curious looks. I constantly make sure that all doors are closed and that everything valuable is well stowed away. Being negligent with your own belongings can quickly lead to a rude awakening. No, this place is not relaxing, but it is exciting and unique.

Shortly after dark I was visited by a completely different kind of tormentors. Bream! These beasts can turn the already short nights into real torture. In order to be able to fish at least a little more selectively, I set up long mono rigs with large bottom baits, feed mostly hard boilies and not too centered.

But it is warm, even now just before midnight. Thoughts of spawning carp buzz through my head, just as torturous as mosquitoes buzzing around. Will this night also be unsuccessful? The last few nights were quiet, I only caught a few carp in the morning hours. On the first morning of the stay it was actually unique, but the hopes that arose were quickly dashed. No, mass catches are not to be expected here, but there is always the chance of unique carp.

In the morning mist, after a few hours of sleep, I wake up to a few beeps. I couldn't get much rest in the car because the only option to park was right next to the main road. Drowsy, I stagger to the rods to reel in the slimy tormentor. The supposed bream fights a little harder than expected and turns into a small, beautifully scaled carp in the landing net. At least!

As I cast the rod again, I am struck again by the unique beauty of this city. Small paths run along the banks of the canals. Tall, old trees line it, pretty joggers give me a smile every now and then and birds chirp beguiling melodies. As if the city had transformed into another world at dawn. Even though the fishing isn't particularly productive, I wouldn't want any other place to spend this morning.

The next few days followed the same rhythm: exciting, strenuous and tiring. Little sleep, occasional bites, loud but nice students and constant glaring light pushed me to the limit. Only under the adrenaline of frequent bites would I have lasted longer. But since this didn't correspond to the circumstances of the situation, I decided to spend the next few days in a completely different place. The wind blew me out of the city and into wilder climes. But I want to tell you about it next week.

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