Lucas in Search of Magic – Part 1

Lucas à la recherche de la magie - pt1 | Hammer Tackle

A beer please, potato salad, thanks, well that's it, we've covered the few words I know... So if you're German you can warm up your translator, if you're French that's fine!

Through this little diary I will try to report daily on the progress of my fishing throughout the year. Anecdotes, strategies, stories, always with the common thread, that constant search linked to this title: in search of magic, wild places, forgotten carp, where every or almost every touch is a surprise...

We will spend this time of the virus, here only the positive, carp, fights in the morning fog, nights on boats and hooks on sight!

A little review of a beautiful series of nights in the dam, the first we will spend alone, then later Alex will accompany me to discover this beautiful vastness that we know nothing about. Not a fisherman in sight, carp showing off jumping and digging, and a gorgeous moon on the first night, it's hard to beat.

The bars reach different depths where the passage seems quite obvious at this time of year. I'm more hesitant to place the third line. A series of bubbles on an area corresponding to the bed will finally convince me. Not necessarily the most attractive area for the season, but the logic is not always easy to follow in our practice... Sitting on the bed the magic is there, a touch brings a little action to that moment of contemplation. It's heavy, it's the third rod, the fish is feeling its way. The spotlight is not useful, it is night, but the main part of the facility is visible. There are even a few birds singing, the scene is beautiful and the first good mirror of the year is captured.

Fishing follows its course, the routine of the dam fisherman: change of position, pre-baiting, arrangement on the slope for the deck chair, a summary of elements in which we adapt to nature and the context to catch carp.

A great professional will visit me on this topic.

After these few days of loneliness, we finally see Alex again. We will install a small chain of lights in the trees that will follow us to the other posts, this will add a little festive flair and we will spend our evenings laughing under these lanterns.

We tried to pre-bait the fish over a large area to intercept the fish, but that was a mistake. Spot fishing, which has paid off so far, will prove to be the profitable technique by the end of the session.

A small moment of emptiness makes us doubt, and at night THE touch that comforts our thoughts confirms certain decisions. I catch a large mirror, it is immaculate, the fish is healthy, what a joy!

Now it's Alex's turn to put the fish on the chain, he's doing a great series that he'll tell in more detail at the end in a chapter or in this blog.

The end of fishing is approaching, what a session, so many memories... We prepare a good wood fire to grill some duck breasts, vegetables and a finely prepared camembert (thanks for the thyme Gilles!). A bottle of red wine accompanies the celebration, it is the good life.

We return to our respective sleeping bags, tomorrow I leave the lake, the session is over. This last evening is a bonus, it's for the atmosphere. However, the poles are assembled with the greatest care. Like a farewell, or rather a “see you soon,” a large two-tone decides to wake me up at first light. It's there, at the end of the net, it crosses a beautiful mark...

On the way back always the same question, the same goal: What will be the next goal, how will I catch the next carp? One thing is certain: this place must be able to spread some magic through its surroundings and/or its inhabitants.

Sequel follows…

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