Hit the road Jake 3: Back home?

Hit the road Jake 3: Back home? | Hammer Tackle

Dear readers, you've probably asked yourself why my blogs don't appear as regularly as I initially planned. Well, let me explain. After my time in Holland, I visited my buddy Guido in France. Back in my hometown of Karlsruhe, I had to orient myself again and sort through the impressions I had collected. I spent the last few months almost entirely by the water.

It was initially quite difficult for me to find my way back into urban, social life. After weeks of being surrounded by trees, animals and birds, the city gave me a real blow. Seeing other people every day seemed very strange to me at first. But I quickly learned to appreciate maintaining my contacts again and being in constant contact with friends. Of course, that also stimulated a lot of thoughts in me. Questions about my priorities and goals were what moved me. I quickly realized that my motivation for fishing was very limited and that I am now much more enthusiastic about climbing again.

Following this feeling, I went to a large climbing area for a few days. Letting out my energy on the rock and focusing internally for the next few weeks seemed like the right way to go. As is often the case, I was so captivated by climbing that it immediately became clear how important regular training and success on the wall would be for the coming weeks. Because regardless of my passions, I currently have some obligations that I want to fulfill well. A competitive team with motivated children doesn't train itself, especially not without a clear head.

Since this task ties me to Karlsruhe for the next few weeks, it is equally important to find my way around this city. I had almost forgotten this and only now am I gradually getting into a comfortable routine. It is also up to me to explain this fact. Living in a car while traveling is much easier than living stationary in a city. It is important for me to have central contact points where I can park again and again. Quiet spots to relax and places where I can get water and electricity.

But a few days ago I was brutally ripped out of my concept. A horde of mites nested in the poor Opel and bit me constantly during the night. Sleep was sometimes unthinkable. In order to effectively combat the pests, I had to completely clear out my car, clean it and also fumigate it with killer gases. I didn't have to avoid rubbing myself with a strange cream. I would have much preferred coconut oil!

Maybe you now understand that fishing and writing took a back seat. Because even though I always decided to sit down to write, I still lacked the leisure and inspiration. For me, I see writing as a very free, artistic work. That's why I don't want to and can't force myself to put anything on paper. Only when it flows by itself, like right now, in a café downtown with a double espresso, does it have value for me.

Of course I also spent a few nights by the water, but without any notable success. The summer slump seems to have arrived. In addition, our originally peaceful waters are full of anglers. To avoid the hustle and bustle, I prefer to limit my fishing to very short periods of time. On my free afternoons, I like to hop on my racing bike, armed only with a rod and some canned corn, and ride a variety of bodies of water. There are always opportunities to grab one or two big fish.

I also currently prefer sessions with friends to really focused fishing. Sometimes it's more valuable to have a relaxed time together than to doggedly pursue your own missions.

Even if I don't have a particularly exciting fishing story to tell today, I can share with you my current situation. The thought that I would lead a life of complete sleaze is definitely out of place. I can at least promise that a flashback to Holland and the height of the lockdown will soon follow. Because some stories have not yet been told and should not be forgotten.

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