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It's been a while,

the last time I wrote a few lines on my blog. I'll be honest - I haven't had any leisure in the last few months. Too many things to do and happenings kept me busy - but also kept me from writing. In addition, the blog is primarily intended to be filled with travel, fishing and adventure experiences that I simply didn't have during this time.

After I came back to Germany from Spain in February, there was a lot to do: looking for a new tenant for my apartment, selling my VW T5, buying a new car and then expanding it according to my ideas as quickly as possible. I also published my new book “Outdoor Training” which I had to be home to deliver.

A new section

I had already done the rough work in March. The old apartment with my furniture was gone, the van had found a new happy owner and I bought a much larger Mercedes Sprinter. In the past, I repeatedly reached my limits with the T5's living space, so at the end of last year I decided that I wanted to expand and move into a “camper” for an indefinite period of time.

Things always turn out differently...

The plan was to travel with my girlfriend, who I met in Spain, and not focus so much on fishing. As is the case in life, things often turn out differently than you think... This is what changed during the time of Corona and co. the plan to travel together so that I can go on tour alone again in the future.

This will most likely mean the focus will return to fishing for the time being. I plan to explore some new waters in France, meet some friends again and spend relaxing moments by the water. What comes next is absolutely uncertain and still remains to be seen. In any case, I really want to travel to places that are still unknown to me with my new camper, get to know interesting people, write more again and dedicate myself to projects that have taken a back seat in the past.

Good times at home

After about three months of “full-time expansion” the Sprinter was as I had imagined it would be. A good combination of camper and fishing mobile. Sufficient storage space for the most necessary tackle, which was completely separated from the living space. This will make it much more comfortable to travel and live in the future.

Especially during the last period of the conversion, when I was able to sleep in the new car, I spent the nights fishing with good friends at home on the Elbe. During the day I continued to work at full speed on completing the Sprinter. A cool time that made me appreciate my homeland more again. Nevertheless, in the end I became more and more excited to finally set off again into the unknown.

At the end of June it was finally time - we went on tour again! I'll try to share my journey with you regularly again, stay tuned, it's definitely me! ;).

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