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Hit the road Jake: Ein kurzer Rückblick | Hammer Tackle

Once again, a few weeks have passed since I posted a blog. So let’s jump back a few weeks today. We are in the first week of April and are enjoying the arrival of spring.

It is afternoon when I drive the Opel along dirt roads to the picturesque river. The clouds had broken up at midday and warm rays of sunshine made the rain-soaked fields steamy. The river bank is lined with deep green plants, wet from the rain they appear a deep, lush green.

A little later: I make the machine rattle with a strong pull. Lever at full throttle, the bow rises properly out of the water and at full throttle the power goes off. On both sides of the bank the waves slap against the embankment, the fold following in their wake, dancing on the bow waves. The low sun shines warmly on my face and the wind blows pleasantly through my dreads. A new chapter has begun...

Spring on the river took a while to arrive. But a few days after the magnificent morning in Görlitz, which I wrote about in my last blog, I was drawn to the bank of the river at dusk. With a shandy in hand, I watched the water slosh far into the darkness. Small rings repeatedly formed on the surface, a clear indication of active small fish. In fact, bream and chub also rolled from time to time. The river had come to life again.

This evening was the starting signal for me, because until recently the river seemed deserted to me. I've already spent a few nights busying myself in various places, but that's more to pass the time and get a feel for certain areas. But now I knew exactly that if I found the fish, it would be very possible to catch them. In my experience, the carp in the river move out of the resting areas of the winter months quite early in the year. This year, however, the water seemed to warm up very slowly due to the recurring frost and snowfalls. So it seemed all the more important to me to find those quiet zones.

I knew about a deep channel from spinning tours last fall and decided to give it a try. The evening before I fed a few hands of boilies and then listened for a long time in the darkness. Shortly before I headed back home I heard a dull splash. Was it actually a carp?

The next day Moritz arrived. Excited and full of anticipation, we drove to the site at dusk and prepared everything meticulously. I'm not a fan of complicated games, but a sharp hook and good food are very important to me.

When the rods were down, we enjoyed the evening atmosphere with a cold beer and talked jokingly about the strangest topics...

But our tireless flow of speech was quickly interrupted by a continuous tone. Just under two hours and already the first bite! We had not expected that. After a short fight, we netted a small sculpin who was quickly able to swim again. We were happy and went into the night full of expectations. To my surprise, however, nothing happened until late morning. It wasn't until the two of us had drunk coffee, had breakfast and I had already put the first rod in the case that the reel of the remaining rod suddenly started whirring. Crazy! An old, creaky scale carp emerged. It was interesting to see that both carp still had leeches and offered little resistance. This confirmed my suspicion that the carp were still quite lethargic in the channel.

Of course we were there again two evenings later. The day before I fed almost a kilo of boilies and was sure that the carp would quickly get a taste for it.

In fact, the game repeated itself. The first bite came in the evening hours, then it stayed quiet until morning. However, while drinking coffee we were interrupted twice.

They were all short, round scales. The joy of the success was huge and my anticipation for the coming season increased immeasurably. I'm very excited to see what treasures there are to be recovered from the current and what else will come my way. One thing is certain: you never know what's next on the hook...

The rest of April was pretty unspectacular as the unsettled weather made the fishing quite tough. In my head it was about something else anyway: the next big adventure was just around the corner.

For over half a month, Moritz and I would tour through the most beautiful nature, experience unforgettable moments, reach our limits and always come to the realization that living in and with nature is our key to happiness and peace. Of course I don't want to withhold some pictures from you.

But how did it actually happen to us? Well, dear reader, this is a story that I want to report on in detail another time...

Stay tuned...

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