Lucas in search of magic: Beautiful encounter in the Red Land

Lucas à la recherche de la magie: Belle rencontre sur les terres rouges | Hammer Tackle

After a great few days of work I'm taking two nights off to go back to fishing, as always, it will be in a big lake. The red earth and the devil's lights begin to fail, it is the opportunity to return to the shores of this lake.

I set out with a light and discreet approach, without a boat but with a good pair of waders and polarized waders. After thorough exploration, I identified several areas with fish populations. I also take the time to observe the reserves, the first large pre-spawning groups are organizing, mostly medium-sized individuals. This is a good sign because the configuration suggests that it is possible to catch a beauty in more distant areas.

I'm betting on a corner of the lake, a 90 degree angle formed by a bed of reeds, with lots of sea grass nearby, but areas at the very edges that are very clean thanks to the activity of the fish. Plus the wind rushes in here...

Walk through the water to identify the most suitable spots to pick up the two rigs. A couple of 24mm handles accompany the moves.

Everything is in place, everything is discreet, down to the millimeter...

It worked the first night, but it was lost, luckily the feeling wasn't great. On the other hand, in such a short meeting everything is easy to cope with, the change of leadership and you are rested.

The atmosphere, the lights, everything is always so pleasant here.

The second day passes calmly, a little activity encourages me to stay in the area, also the wind gets stronger at night and, precisely in my sector, there are good conditions for a nice encounter on this lake.

Around midnight the next rod within a meter radius starts strong. I fight in the waves in waders, a little stormy air, it's pleasant and encouraging. The aquariums appear several times in the seaweed, then in the reeds, finally it gets closer, it's heavy, it's serious. Finally, the fish can't be missed. The waders fill up as the waves pass, it's cool but it's very good. A large mirror appears in front of the landing net, and on the second pass it folds up!

There it is, a great reward...

Short photo session before release, this will be the only fish these two days, but the good one...

On the way back I just want to come back with a little more time to practice the same approach to the edge, but in a more mobile way.

That's why the appointment with the lake is on the agenda for the following week: sight fishing, stalking and even more mirrors! To be continued 😉


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