Lucas in Search of Magic: The Recovery

Lucas à la recherche de la magie: La reprise | Hammer Tackle

After a winter focused more on sports and evenings out, it's time to get active again. We also have a weekend free together with Rems, not for a second, we'll dare! We plan to move around a lot to find active fish in at least one of the three locations we will visit. A week before I came to explore this small dam on the French Riviera there was a good group of fish on the surface with a few colorful individuals that could quickly become targets.

The fish are confined to a very specific bank, the steepest, and make regular returns, an encouraging sign of activity at this time. The idea will therefore be to spend two nights at this lake but not spend the days there as the fish seem more interested in hanging out on the surface at this point. After getting to know the different spots along the edge, I scattered a few pounds of marbles there, hoping to spend a weeknight there just to take the temperature. Due to time constraints, this is actually not possible, regardless, the fish have at least had initial contact with these baits without any signs of traps.

We arrive at daylight on Friday to climb to the site. A discreet approach using small baits and rigs positioned within sight on the small rocky steps that prevent the lead from leaking a few meters further down. The night is quiet, in the morning jumps are heard, activity seems to be beginning in this niche.

My staff closest to us finally starts, a very dark mirror was trapped right under our feet, by tilting it a little over the rock we could have seen it being stung live.

A few photos, then we pack up, put some bait on the areas again and head to another lake that we stocked with bait the day before. After half an hour of fishing, we were poorly lined up by the patrol for a story about Barbs, a nature reserve where fishing is allowed but strictly monitored. The first plum of the year! In short, we have to reassemble all the rods to bring the hooks up to standard, the discreet approach is no longer there after the new introductions ... We pull, but in the middle of the afternoon it's too much, we pull ourselves, move return everything clean view of the small dam.

Once again the night is quiet and again the early morning hustle and bustle can be heard, Rems quickly triggers a touch, a beautiful commune with a typical color of the place. We decide to take the morning shot as the rig, having found a buyer, was also quite far away from the other rods, so there is still a chance of getting a bite in the coming hours.

The day before I had just positioned a rod in the mud on the bottom of the boulder about 20 feet down to try a different approach. This one runs exactly at breakfast time, a good fight later a very orange fish appears, at first we think of a koi, but no, it's some kind of ghost, but of a higher caliber, an interesting mother fish!

We know that these two runs have affected the peace in the area. We let it fish for a while then it's time to get out. Quiet walk at another lake for lunch, then towards the evening destination.

Nada that evening, but a good meal with Damien visiting! Thanks dude! That's all for this weekend, three fish on the dam, with very special clothes, that's cool. In the evenings we planned some of the attacks and targets of the year, the best is yet to come! Lucas

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