Vantastic Lukas: The perfect ending

Vantastic Lukas: Der perfekte Abschluss | Hammer Tackle

In the right place at the right time

I wasn't the only one who really liked the consistently beautiful weather in inland Spain. It got the fish in the mood to spawn despite the still low water temperatures in most of the lake. Within a few days, the shallow bays were heated up so much by the already strong sun in mid-March that a large proportion of the carp visited these areas to indulge in lovemaking. An always breathtaking spectacle. What's more, being in exactly the right place at exactly the right time in such a large body of water was spectacular for me.

Change of place

Since Clemens and I watched the spectacle closely from start to finish, we were able to adapt our fishing to this situation accordingly. When Clemens suddenly got 4 bites in a very short space of time after a few nights of sleep, it was clear what had to be done. I gladly accepted Clemens' offer to sit next to him in order to catch the fish moving into the shallow water. Up to this point I had caught one or two fish, but things were still going somewhat slowly. In any case, I had no objection to a few fish shortly before my planned trip home. My seven things were quickly packed up at the spot I had previously fished and shortly afterwards set up again next to Clemens. I was fishing a narrow area just before a bay where the fish were swimming to spawn. With the polar goggles I rowed carefully over the area, and I spotted a few carp that were on their way towards the shallow water area. Just a few meters from the bank I placed my baits with a handful of food in weed-free spots.

The plan is working

After a short time the first bite came. In the best weather I drilled a bulging scaled female. The plan worked and over the next two days a few more nice fish landed in the landing net. Among them is the only mirror fish that I was able to catch on the lake this month - and a particularly striking one. It was the perfect ending! I had a wonderful time with my friends Clemens and Alex. Not to forget the other great acquaintances I met and got to know at the lake – thank you for that!!


Now that I am back in my homeland after 9 months and am reflecting on the time through writing, I realize once again that it is these moments that enrich my life and allow me to remember the past in positive ways. Sharing a hobby with like-minded people, getting to know new, interesting people, gaining inspiration and experiences, using them to develop further and grow personally! All of these aspects motivate me to continue to follow a free, self-determined path, to fully accept and live life in its entirety.

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