Vantastic Lukas: Spring in Spain

Vantastic Lukas: Frühling in Spanien | Hammer Tackle

Overwinter in Portugal

It's been over 3 months since I last wrote a blog. A lot has happened during this time and I simply haven't had the motivation to write about the current situation. Rather, I focused on living in the moment and opening myself up to new things. So over the past few months I've dedicated my time to new book projects and started learning to surf. Since traveling in a camper became more and more of a challenge in Portugal, not only because of Corona, I stood isolated with many other travelers in a fantastic spot right by the sea for over a month. There I was able to regularly improve my surfing skills and meet lots of nice and inspiring people.

The first time in Spain

When the weather became more bearable inland Portugal and Spain at the end of February, it was time to move on. The motivation to explore new waters and fish for carp was back after two months of “abstinence”. After a short stay in Portugal, we crossed the border into the Spanish hinterland. Shortly after my arrival, I first fished in a small section of the river that was recommended to me by a Portuguese angler. It didn't take long until I spotted the first fish and caught the first "Spanish". Nicely scaled Spieglers and Schuppis, who clearly exceeded the Portuguese weight class. However, the session came to an abrupt end on the second night when the “Guardia Civil” paid me a visit and pointed out that in Spain there was a curfew from 10 p.m. and therefore fishing was not permitted. So I cranked up the rods in the presence of the police officers and drove on to a large reservoir in the region the next day.

First arrive...

Here I also met my friend Clemens again, with whom I spent the last two months in Portugal, among other things. Since it was the weekend and the Spaniards liked to spend their free time by the water, I waited until the weekend was over, it became quieter and I had a free choice of places. I spent the time at the lake in company coupled with a few predator fishing trips. I have never caught zander so successfully and easily before. The number of robbers in the lake was simply enormous! At the beginning of the week I started looking for a place. I suspected the fish would be relatively concentrated in shallow, weedy areas because of the sunny weather.

I left many kilometers of gravel road behind me until I reached the place that I had previously selected using Google Maps. Choosing a spot was made easier by a jumping carp shortly after I arrived. The boat quickly pulled itself off the roof and set up the tackle. The bay was full of weeds and many more fish showed up while we were setting up. I looked for free weed edges where I could place my rigs. To my surprise, the first night was quiet. The next day also passed without a bite. On the second night I heard fish jumping in the bay again and in the morning around 9 a.m. the constant sound I was hoping for finally came. A well-built boat landed in the landing net. I still had one more night left before I wanted to leave the field again at the weekend. On the one hand, there was a fishing competition coming up at my place and on the other hand, after almost 2 years, I was supposed to meet Alex again, who would arrive at the lake with his friend Najib. Unfortunately I was only able to catch one tench at my spot last night.

Spring awakening

As planned, Alex, Najib, Clemens and I spent the weekend together before splitting up again after three days to go fishing. Time for myself had become extremely important to me after spending almost all of my time in company in Portugal. This meant I was able to focus much better on my work on the laptop and on my inner self. The still wild nature and isolation in this region of Spain was just right for this.

Spring is now in full swing. The flowers are sprouting, the asparagus is growing, the lavender is blooming and the sun is warming the water. Unfortunately, all of these circumstances didn't really get the fish in the mood to bite. To make matters worse, the only fish that I hooked after my fish sliced ​​during the fight.

So I use the bite-free phase sitting on the lakeshore, kissed by the sun, with a view of the large expanse of water, to write a few lines. Soon we will be heading home after 9 months of being on tour. New exciting projects and visions await, so stay tuned!!

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