Rémy Desplace: Small paradise with turquoise water

Rémy Desplace: Kleines Paradies mit türkisfarbenem Wasser | Hammer Tackle

It all started 15 years ago on a traditional family outing... on a visually unique body of water. I caught the first carp in my fishing life! But it shouldn't stay that way. One day I just had to come back and find out with more experience what else was swimming in these turquoise and mysterious waters...

Ten years later the time had come. A first week-long session, then a second, a third… magical moments, fish… In short, a place where everything comes together to have fun…

It's been four years since I was last there. But the desire to lose myself again among these mountains grew steadily. I only have four days, but I still want to block out the world and reconnect with “my little paradise”.

When I arrive the lake is very low, I load the boat without wasting much time. There is wind in the forecast, I can't waste too much time locating the fish and finding an area I like. There I am on my 3 meter boat, floating over steep walls and meadows on the still cool water. I soon found a suitable spot where two fish showed themselves to me. Plus, the outlook for the coming days couldn't be more magical... Without hesitation, I set up camp at this point.

Since I know the lake a little, I quickly set up a rod that I want to fish in front of the steep wall to my right. The fish love these very steep places... After I've been plumbing with the rod for 20 minutes, I find a 30 by 40 cm slab in five meters of water, less than three meters from the bank... However, it's not really flat. But the main thing is that the lead doesn't slip down! A few baits, a balanced tigernut pop-up rig and that's it. Later I take some more GPS points without putting out a rod because the wind doesn't allow me to place them accurately.

At around 6 p.m. the rod I'm fishing on the steep wall sets off and brings me a mirror that's generously proportioned for this place! The job is done!

The night begins and I have now laid my four rods. The atmosphere is mystical. There are no sounds except the crickets and owls. Two fish will disturb my sleep, still on the same rod on the cliff!

A new day begins with my cousin and my little cousin coming to visit for one day and my dad for the next two days! In the afternoon I will catch another small fish on the rocks. Then another in the early evening. Cyril, a friend who lives near the lake, has come to spend the night next door and will catch a nice mirror fish early in the morning.

This second morning calls my entire fishing into question. Only one of my rods brings me fish, the other three remain silent. I decide to position a rod in the drop-off opposite and another rod on the drop-off to my right, which appears to be on a carp migration route. I find a good spot in ten meters of water, which at first seems too deep and doesn't inspire much confidence. In the evening, however, a very pale, almost white mirror appears there. A good omen for things to come!

But the result is not what I want. I know for a fact that there is more fish to be caught... My dad and I decide to set two buoys on the shallower bank to our left, about 80 meters apart. We feed extensively between these buoys and fish two rods on the edge of this feeding area!

In the evening, when we were in the middle of rolling dice with beer and peanuts, two rods expired in quick succession. One at the feeding place and the other on a steep wall. I let my father fight the two fish and it becomes a wonderful moment of togetherness between father and son!

From that point on all rods started producing bites and the session ended up with 14 bites and as many fish! Of course, the goal is always to catch a fish, but it becomes a real satisfaction when all four rods bring in a fish!

On the last day the water level changes significantly and so the situation changes significantly. It's 6pm and I decide to pack up, drive to the boat ramp and pack up the car there. Once there, the temptation is too great to put four rods between two and eight meters of water in order to possibly catch the 15th fish... A real failure, as nothing shows up and the rain comes earlier than expected to wake me up from my sleep to wake up in the open air - completely soaked!As has probably already become clear, I didn't set out to catch a record fish, but to share a few days of my world with my dad, to switch off from my crazy work season (Rémy is a tennis player and tennis coach) , and in an exceptional setting! I was also lucky enough to catch fish… A perfect time! And one thing is for sure… I will be back!

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