Rémy Desplace: Small paradise with turquoise water

Rémy Desplace: Petit paradis aux eaux turquoises  | Hammer Tackle

It all started 15 years ago on a traditional family walk... A real visual favorite of this place. I was just starting to catch my first carp in my fishing life, but one day, when I was more experienced, I had to come over and see what was swimming in these turquoise and mysterious waters...

10 years later the time had come. A first week-long session, then a second, a third... magical moments, fish... in short, a place where everything comes together to have fun...

It's been 4 years since I've been back. The desire to lose yourself in these mountains is too great. I only have 4 days left, but I want to say goodbye to the world and return to “my little paradise…”.

When I arrive the lake is very low, I load the boat without wasting too much time. Wind is forecast, I shouldn't waste too much time locating the fish and finding an area I like. Here I am on my 3m, sailing on the calm, fresh water of the lake between cliffs and meadows. The position is chosen, two fish have just appeared in front of me, my TV screen is completely magical for these few days... I will set up camp in this place without much hesitation.

Knowing a little about the lake, I quickly mount a fishing rod and place it in the cliffs to my right. The fish love these very steep places... After 20 minutes of probing with the rod, a small flattening of 30/40 cm is found in 5 m of water 2.3 meters from the edge... When I say flat, everything is relative ! The line doesn't fall! A few baits, a balanced Tiger pop-up rig and you're done. I would record a few GPS points later without a fishing rod as the wind did not allow me to place them accurately.

At around 6pm the only fishing rod fishing in the cliffs starts hostilities and brings me a mirror of generous proportions for this place! Job is done!

Night falls, the 4 rods are now in place. The atmosphere is mystical. There is no noise other than crickets and owls. 2 fish will come to disturb my sleep, always on the same rod in the cliffs!

A new day begins, it marks the arrival of my cousin and my little cousin for this day as well as my father for the next two days! I will catch a new small fish on the rod in the cliffs in the afternoon. Then another at the start of the night. Cyril, a friend who lives by the lake, came to spend the night nearby and will touch a pretty mirror early in the morning.

This second awakening will challenge all my fishing. Only one of my rods brings me fish, the other 3 are silent. I decide to position a rod in the cliffs in front of me and bring it closer to the cliff to my right, which seems like a good place to traverse. I find a spot in 10 m of water that seems suitable to me, even if that depth doesn't inspire me with confidence. At nightfall I touched a very bright, almost white mirror, a good omen for the future!

But the results do not meet my expectations, I know for sure that there is a way to get more fish ... Together with my father, we decide to place two markers at a distance of approximately 80 m. We make a wide bait and position 2 rods at the ends!

At the end of the evening, while we're in the middle of a calming game of dice, beer and peanuts, two rods roll out in quick succession. One at the start and the other in the cliffs. I will let my father take out the two fish, a real moment of sharing between father and son!

From this moment all rods are launched to end the session with 14 strokes for as many fish released! Although putting a fish in the net is just an end goal, there is real satisfaction in catching fish with all four rods!

On the last day the lake experienced a strong tidal rise, which changed the situation significantly. It's 6 p.m., I decide to pack my things and head to the launch to load the equipment. Once there, the temptation is too great to place 4 rods in a staircase between 2 and 8 m of water in the hope of catching that 15th fish... A real failure as there was nothing to see and the rain came earlier than expected came and woke me up from my sleep under the stars, soaking wet!

You understand, I don't specialize in record fish, but to share a few days of my world with my father and recover from this crazy work season in an exceptional environment! I would have had the opportunity to touch fish, and besides... Everything was almost perfect. One thing is for sure… I will be back!

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