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Vantastic Lukas: Neue Wege | Hammer Tackle

The time has come

When I finished my session at Teufelssee almost a week and a half ago, it was already clear what was coming next.

For over 2 months I had been in contact with a lovely young woman who shared a similar lifestyle to me. Since March, Bianca has mainly been traveling around Greece in order to travel indefinitely in the van she built herself. Thanks to today's digital networking, I became aware of them through social media shortly after I started my trip in July. I didn't hesitate, wrote to her and convinced her relatively quickly to come my way to France. Now, after countless WhatsApps and voice messages, the time had come and we were supposed to meet each other in “real life” for the first time.

It would be a lie if I wrote that I wasn't excited when I met her at a pre-selected spot on Teufelssee. She had traveled 10 hours by car from Italy directly to me that day.

A few more days at Teufelssee

It didn't take long before we warmed up to each other and both had a very familiar feeling for each other. I was hoping it would happen that way, but I wasn't sure since we had somehow skipped the typical getting-to-know-you-through-the-extensive-text-messaging process. Nevertheless, we had a lot to tell each other and so we stayed at the “Lac du Diable” for three days to get to know each other in peace. The fishing rods remained stowed in the car during this time. Nevertheless, I tried to familiarize her with my “unusual” hobby by taking long walks along the water. We also visited the German couple René and Sabine, who we had previously met, for dinner together, as they had been fishing at the lake for a week.

Fishing fever

After the three days together we wanted to set off to drive something into the mountains. I also felt a tremendous desire to fish again. The new company suddenly made me feel much more relaxed and less restless. It was a completely new situation for me that felt very good. We headed for a lake that I had fished a lot recently and that remained positive in my mind from my last session.

I chose a spot that wasn't very familiar to me for fishing, but was easily accessible by car. I didn't want to come to Bianca with the worst off-road tracks and uncomfortable places. Catching fish wasn't the focus and since this year wasn't really a success anyway, I had no problems with that, especially with my female company.

Darkness was falling when we reached the spot in the evening. Full of motivation, I put my rods straight away and on the first night Bianca was woken up by her first continuous tone. She reacted relaxed and very curious to see what the guy was doing to catch a fish. Unfortunately, the little Schuppi from the first night stayed the same and the next three days remained damn quiet, but flew by. We had a great first fishing session before we both felt like moving on.

Cold days in the mountains

We wanted to take a detour to the Pyrenees before continuing our journey further west. I was now more than familiar with the area and the towns we drove through. After all, I've often imagined being there with her in the recent past, when we were still far apart and communicating via smartphone. The temperatures at 2000 meters above sea level were significantly colder at night than just before at the lake, at below 0 degrees, but much easier to bear with two people. We enjoyed the two days in the mountains. With the temperatures dropping, it was very quiet here and we felt like we had the place we were standing in the middle of the mountains all to ourselves. The panorama was simply priceless!! However, since our route was supposed to lead further into warmer regions, we set off after two days towards the Atlantic coast.

I'm excited about what's next and look forward to being able to share new impressions and experiences with someone in the future.

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