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Flexible and very comfortable 3.5 mm thick SBR neoprene Comfortable boots with thin neoprene lining

Waders so comfortable, you won't want to take them off!

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Like a second skin

Gone are the days when you were happy to take off your neoprene waders. Quite the opposite: they are so comfortable (and you hardly sweat in them!) that you won't want to take them off on a rainy day!

For long-lasting fun

The 3.5 mm thick SBR neoprene is very high quality, the seams are carefully processed and sealed with sealing tape. In the stressed crotch area, the seam has also been sealed again from the outside.

Comfortable 3.5 mm SBR neoprene

Practical breast pocket

Comfortable boots with neoprene lining

100 %


3.5 mm

Material thickness



Play & feel

I like it rough and dirty and that's why I love the Hammer Waders. No matter if I'm moving, doing a photo shoot or just in bad weather. I always feel warm and dry with them, no matter how tough the conditions are. I'd like to thank Hammer Tackle for these great waders.

Sven Dombach

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Material thickness

3.5 mm

Neoprene waders: Indispensable for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts

What do I use neoprene waders for?

Neoprene waders are ideal for all situations where you are wading in the water, for example when spinning, for belly boats and when you have to set up your rods in the water when carp fishing or when you are using an inflatable boat and don't want to damage it when getting in. A comfortable neoprene wader is also very pleasant if it rains for a day and you wear the neoprene wader like a pair of rain trousers. In short, neoprene waders are always worn when you want to stay dry from your feet to your chest.

What are the advantages of neoprene waders over PVC waders?

Neoprene waders have a thermo-insulating effect. This is particularly advantageous when it is a little cooler or you are wading in cold water. For a carp angler who gets a bite at night and only comes out of the sleeping bag with very little clothing, the neoprene waders immediately provide a pleasant feeling and you don't freeze. PVC waders cannot offer these properties. In addition, PVC waders also get damp more quickly from perspiration because the thinner and non-breathable layer of PVC gets damp more quickly and cannot absorb moisture. So although neoprene waders can provide warmth, you sweat less in them than in PVC waders. At least in the case of our high-quality 3.5 mm SBR neoprene. The neoprene of neoprene waders also floats in the water. The buoyancy effect and thermal insulation can be a great advantage over PVC waders if you fall into cold water.

Why is the neoprene only 3.5 mm thick?

The 3.5 mm SBR neoprene of our Hammer Waders is particularly flexible, making it very comfortable to wear. This was very important to us when designing these neoprene waders. A 4 or 5 mm neoprene wader is stiffer and you move less naturally in the thicker material because there is constant resistance. We were happy to accept the less insulating properties of the 3.5 mm neoprene, which in our opinion is another advantage. Our waders can be worn all year round, whereas a 5 mm neoprene wader, for example, is already too warm in spring or fall. And even in the depths of winter, our neoprene waders offer enough insulation, in combination with good underwear, to be warm enough to spend a whole day in them.

Why do the Hammer Waders have a treaded sole and not a felt sole?

Felt soles are useful if you walk a lot on smooth stones and rocks but are less universal than treaded soles, which have a big advantage in mud, on slopes and on damp meadows, for example. Our treaded soles offer good grip on most surfaces and are also robust and durable.

How do I put on neoprene waders quickly?

Our flexible Hammer Waders neoprene waders can be turned inside out so that they stand on their own and are easy to slip into. To do this, pull the top edge of the wader down further and further until it is about twenty centimetres above the edge of the boot, so that the inner and black lining of the wader is now on the outside. Then turn the top edge of the waders over so that the green outer material is on the outside again and pull them upwards until the top edge is just above the boots, creating a compact and self-supporting "wader package".

How do I store and care for my neoprene waders?

Neoprene waders must always be stored in a dry place! The best way to do this is to hang them up completely stretched out, on your boots or on the straps. This also allows the moisture inside the waders to dry. They are then best transported in the transport bag provided. If the trousers are very dirty and you want to clean them, it is best to just use water and the yellow side of a sponge. If a product is necessary, it is best to use a mild soap. You can remove dirt from the profile of the soles with a soft brush.

How do I repair my neoprene waders?

If the waders get a hole, you can repair it with the repair kit supplied. To do this, follow the instructions on the instruction leaflet. If the damage is a little more complicated to repair, we recommend Storm Sure. This is a strong adhesive that is perfect for waders. Most damage can be repaired with this adhesive.

Are Hammer waders waterproof?

The SBR neoprene we use is 100% waterproof. The seams of the trousers are sealed with sealing tapes, and in the particularly stressed crotch area there is even an additional adhesive from the outside to reduce the tension on this seam, and the neoprene of the legs is glued so far into the upper edge of the boots that no water can penetrate at this connection either.